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Reverse Phone Number Lookup


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The Canadian reverse phone number lookup application resides on our servers (Web Hosting Canada .ORG).

There are two ways to access the Reverse Phone Number Lookup application on your website:

We have a prebuilt web page, reverse411.php, residing on our servers that can be called directly from within an iframe.
See below:

Write your own form-based webpage that would call the script, scriptreverse.php directly and set the following parameters:
areacode, (a required field), the area code
p3, (a required field), the first 3 digits of the 7 digit local phone number
p4, (a required field), the last 4 digits of the 7 digit local phone number

i.e. To pass the number 514 624-8071 to the script you would call:
Below is a sample html source code which can be used as a template to write your own.

The "search again" button of the results webpage is a javascript back button returning the client back to page that originally called the script.

Does not work with cell numbers, toll free numbers or unlisted numbers.

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